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Ken Lynch is an old-fashioned Bible- preaching evangelist who also uses the ministry of God-honoring, traditional sacred music to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and edify the Christian.

It is his desire to see God revive the saved and bring precious lost souls to His Son, Jesus Christ in a 

life-changing salvation experience.

In addition to regular Bible preaching, Ken is also widely known for his lecture series, "Gospel Music: Blessing

 or Blight?" which exposes the sin and compromise of much modern contemporary Christian music known as CCM."

Click here to see Ken playing at Bible Baptist Church of West Chester

Ken ministers in fundamental, Bible-believing churches of any size, but has a special burden to help smaller churches. As a preacher, Ken is a powerful, fervent evangelist who has a profound respect for the authority of the Bible. He preaches it fearlessly and uncompromisingly from a heart of love with a burden for lost souls.

As a gifted musician, he plays a variety of musical instruments, some not considered conventional. He Plays the Hymns and sacred music we have known for years and with him we praise and worship the Lord.

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Ken & Barb Lynch

Evangelist Ken Lynch is himself the product of evangelism, having accepted Christ as his Saviour in 1962 at the age of 15; the result of evangelistic meetings held in a church near his home. However, it was not until three years later, while a student at Bob Jones University, that Ken felt the Lord's leading and yielded to the call to preach.

 After graduation from BJU in 1969, the Lord led Ken and his wife, Barbara, to an independent Baptist church near Media, PA, where he served for several years in such capacities as Youth Sponsor, Sunday School Superintendent, and Full-time Minister of Music and Evangelism. In the Fall of 1977, Ken and his family entered the field of full‑time evangelism.  Since then, he has conducted more than 1,000 evangelistic crusades in nearly every state. He has also traveled extensively in overseas "missionary-evangelistic" ministries.  Ken is currently staff evangelist at Bible Baptist Church in West Chester, PA.

As a musician, Ken traveled extensively during high school as a violinist with a gospel team representing a well-known area Christian camp. He is also a former member of the Springfield (PA) Orchestra and, in addition to his studies at Bob Jones University, has studied under such men as Jerome Wigler of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Edgar Ortenberg of the Settlement Music School in Philadelphia, and Alvin Rudnitsky, a concert violinist formerly of Ardmore, PA.

Believing Gods promise at He will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory, Ken has made it a firm policy to NOT set a financial minimum or fee of any kind for meetings. Assuming that the church where he is ministering will cover the necessary expenses of a crusade (such as travel, meals, promotion, etc.), each crusade is a FAITH ministry as Ken looks to the Lord and the Lord's people for whatever love offering is received.

For information contact:

812 Reid School Road #28
 Taylors, SC  29687
(864) 244-8053

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"Evangelist Ken Lynch has ministered very effectively with our national missionaries in both Africa and Asia and has been a great blessing to their ministries. Few evangelists are as effective overseas as they are in the USA. I strongly recommend Brother Lynch's ministry, both here and abroad." 
Dr. Tim Shorb
International Partnership Ministries (IPM)
Hanover, PA

"Ken Lynch is a wonderful local church evangelist. His messages are Bible-centered, his sacred music is Christ-honoring, and his family is exemplary of his ministry. His ministry will be a blessing and a help to any Bible-believing church."
Dr. Ron Comfort
Ambassador Baptist College
Shelby, NC

"I take this opportunity to heartily recommend the ministry of Evangelist Ken Lynch. He is a Biblical Fundamentalist without apology, taking a clear stand for Christ in this day of compromise. The local church will certainly benefit from both his Christ-honoring message and music."
stor Earl Bercot
Faith Baptist Church
St. Ignace, MI


"I have had him in Revival Meetings on a regular basis. I can say from personal experience that the local church will be blessed and strengthened by his uncompromising stand, his fervent preaching of the Word, and the Christ exalting music by Ken and his family."
Pastor George Heusinger
Community Bible Church
Norfolk, NB  

"Evangelist Ken Lynch has spoken on the campus at Clearwater Christian College on a number of occasions. He has always represented the Word of God fairly and we are pleased to recommend someone who takes a strong separatist position similar to the College's. I am glad to say he is our kind of preacher and we certainly endorse his ministry."
George Youstra
Clearwater Christian College
Clearwater, FL

"Ken Lynch has graciously labored with us among the Tohono O'odham Indians, both here at the home base and on the reservation. We appreciate his godly stand for Biblical righteousness and his humble, relaxed and cheerful interaction with our people."
Pastor Stan Stringer
Faith Baptist Mission
Tucson, AZ

Evangelist Ken Lynch came to us highly recommended by another evangelist and we were not dissipointed.  His position of separation from worldly music and the modern carismatic movement fit right in with the issues that we face here in Brazil.  His teaching on music helped us reinforce our own possition with our youth and new converts.  His enthusiastic evangelistic preaching was powerful and convicting.  His humorous, friendly manner made him many friends among our people.
Esperana Baptist Church
Dr. Marvin Fray
So Paulo, Brazil

"Evangelist Ken Lynch is a blend of rare courage and tenderhearted conviction. He is a seasoned veteran of the evangelistic trail. His personal integrity and understanding of the local church keep him in constant demand. I have long rejoiced at his overflowing zeal and his desire to please the Lord. It pleases me to recommend him to pastors who love the Book and are particular about who feeds their flock."
Bob Jones III

Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC

"Brother Lynch was such a blessing and encouragement to our people here in Ghana as evidenced from the expressions of many to have him return for a longer period of ministry. His messages were inspiring, powerful and touching. Manyu of our people rededicated their lives and new converts were won for Christ."  
Pastor Seth Mohenu, 
Accra, Ghana, West Africa

"Ken was a blessing to all of our churches here on the west side of So Paulo. We had good attendances and his powerful messages and good humor won the hearts and minds of the people. His music seminar and the special music were great. We look forward to having him back for a more extended ministry."
Graham Foran
Missionary with Baptist Mid Missions in Brazil